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Your Stuff Is Our Business
See what our customers are saying
Leslie Matison
Other then my own personal lock being cut off with no warning, which I had also just bought, everything was good. Secure location. Good place to get a storage unit from.
William F Best Jr
Donna Davis
I am quite satisfied with the payment option of auto-pay. It is so good to not have to worry about remembering the day of payment due. I receive my text of payment MADE without worry or putting in my information every month. And the price is SO RIGHT!
Thomas Thomas
I have been doing business with this location on and off since 1997, it has never looked as bad as it does now. A business should not be run remotely.
Cathy Wasson
Location is in a perfect spot, easy to get in and out, and they keep in touch with emails so you don’t forget your payment. Nice folks who are very helpful along with the sign up process that is really easy to fill out.
Daniel Lynch
This storage facility is clean and easy to get to. The management is polite and easy to work with. They are trying to keep the customers and prospective customers as happy as possible. I would recommend this facility to all my friends and family.
maurice roan
New upgrades were well needed. Communication with customers is very good.
Don Williams
Cathy does a wonderful job and positive attitude. I appreciate everything she does.
Pamela Lightbody
Robin Mae Ellison
Great little hide away

We understand everyone is busy and our customers are planning for their next step during these uncertain times. That is why we offer a contact free, no hassle rental experience in under 5 minutes! Where renting a unit, making a payment, and accessing your account information, is all done online, 24/7, from the safety of your vehicle or home, simply using just your phone or desktop.

Transitioning from one step of life to the next can be challenging and we want to support you through that process. The contents of your storage units are a part of who you are, and we want to make sure that peace of mind is with you during your storage experience. Our facilities offer features such as gated entry and exit with personal ID codes, securely fenced and enclosed units, Hi-Quality Security Cameras and well-lit at night for your personal safety.