Dragonfruit AI Security

Dragonfruit AI Security at Otter Self Storage

Our goal at Otter Self Storage is to protect your belongings while you’re away. That’s why we’ve collaborated with Dragonfruit AI, the most advanced surveillance system in the industry, to help ensure the utmost security of your items during storage. Our partnership with Dragonfruit AI gives you the peace of mind and absolute confidence you deserve when storing your belongings with us.

24/7 Surveillance

At our storage facilities, we utilize advanced cameras powered by Dragonfruit AI to help ensure the security of your belongings even outside of regular facility hours. This state-of-the-art surveillance technology allows us to maintain a vigilant watch over your valuables, providing you with confidence in the protection of your stored items. With Otter Self Storage, you can rest assured that our 24/7 surveillance measures ensure a secure facility.

Real-Time Alerts

Otter Self Storage prioritizes safeguarding your possessions. Using Dragonfruit AI technology, we receive instantaneous alerts for unusual occurrences, maintaining a proactive approach to prevent theft and unauthorized access.

Our commitment to real-time alerts ensures that we stay vigilant, providing you with peace of mind and helping ensure the security of your items. With Dragonfruit AI Security at Otter Self Storage, you can trust in a heightened level of assurance regarding the added protection of your belongings.

Fortified Security

Otter Self Storage offers a range of security measures, including access control, a well-lit facility, secure locks, and Dragonfruit AI security. These combined measures and comprehensive approach to protection underscore Otter Self Storage’s unwavering commitment to protecting your stored items.

Rent Secure Self Storage at Otter Self Storage Today

Otter Self Storage provides a secure solution for all your storage needs. Our cutting-edge Dragonfruit AI Security system helps ensure the security of your belongings. Whether you need a business or personal storage unit, we offer units of various sizes to accommodate your requirements.

Call or contact us to rent a unit today and journey toward peace of mind and convenience. With Otter Self Storage, you can trust that your items are in good hands!