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15 Feb
Woman researching on laptop
Do You Need Storage Unit Insurance?

When you’re in the market for a storage unit, you may be wondering whether or not you need storage unit insurance. The short answer is that many storage unit facilities require tenant insurance. Luckily, storage unit insurance is a benefit as it protects you from potential risks such as fires, theft, vandalism, and hail damage....

19 Jan
An aerial photograph of Colorado Springs, CO
How To Find an Affordable Apartment in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a beautiful city, tucked neatly just next to the base of the Rocky Mountains. These days, many Americans are choosing to move to Colorado Springs for a variety of reasons, whether it’s a new job, a military relocation, or just a change of scenery.  However, Colorado Springs is also notorious for having...

05 Dec
A living room with a couch, colorful pillows, a console table, and a yellow knit ottoman
New Year, New House: How To Declutter Your Home with Self Storage

New Year’s Resolutions—the time-honored tradition that comes in all shapes and sizes. For many, it’s an opportunity to pull the trigger on “something I should have done a long time ago,” and in this case, we’re specifically referring to taking a fine-tooth comb to the clutter that has built up in your home over time....

15 Nov
Person wiping down a leather couch
Do You Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

As your personal belongings start to stack up and closet space becomes scarce, you may have turned to self storage to store spare or seasonal items. Thankfully, there are multiple storage unit types to choose from. However, it can be hard to know which is right for you. Climate-controlled storage units are a great option...

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